When I started this blog, it was for a creative outlet. Then I made big life decisions about my career and of course thought, “Well, I’ll be a blogger.” But I’ve realized I’m not a blogger…just a wannabe writer.

I’m no expert.

In my career I’ve hired and partnered with many bloggers (mostly food bloggers), so I know there’s good money to be had. I enrolled in a “blogging academy” one of them recommended and quickly realized these are not my people.

The academy focused on developing a product to market and roll out to the world. That’s not who I am.

And then I started seeing more and more fake branded posts by members of that academy and was like…that’s not who I am either!

I realized I’m just a wannabe writer.

I’m still going to blog, don’t get me wrong. But…I’m not going to try and fit in where I don’t belong.

I’ll still rant and rave, and share what I love. But I’m fairly certain I will NEVER do a sponsored post, and you can bet your butt I’m not going to be developing a “bundle” to help you achieve the perfect life.

If I’m ever going to become a “REAL” writer, I need a platform.

And so I’m making some changes based on my long-term goals.

I have big, hairy, scary goals.

I want to be a traditionally published novelist. Many, many writers more talented than I am never realize that dream. And I’m embracing that I may not either – but it sure will be fun to try.

And guess what – you can help me along the way.

I’m going to start “Flash Fiction Fridays” where I write a short story based on a topic YOU provide. You can email me privately or comment on this post – whichever you prefer. I’ll pull topics from the Internet if you’re all super stubborn and silent. ;o)

I’ll also be looking to you to pull beta readers for my novel, once it’s finished and sustained a few edits. So let me know if you’re interested in that as well.

Don’t worry…I’ll still be sharing all the misadventures throughout my life. This will still be a place to kick back and relax, and just be real. I’m just adding this fiction writing element to help me along my journey. And hopefully, you’ll enjoy that writing as well!

Much Love – H

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