Giving in instead of giving up: An Isagenix journey

I turned 39 in October 2017. I decided my 39th year would be my healthiest ever. And here I am in February, another 5 lbs heavier. I have a solid 30 to 40 pounds to lose. And I keep telling myself to just do it. And I keep telling myself…but I’m not doing it.

Lots of friends have found what works for them, but I’m struggling to find what works for me.

In my 20s, I committed to being healthy – exercising and counting calories – and got in the best shape of my life. No system needed. No magic workout pill or craze. Just me, SELF magazine (I loved their monthly workouts!) and the Calorie King bible (now replaced by the My Fitness Pal app).

I know the secret: Hard work and dedication. So why isn’t that working for me now?

I start and stop. And start and stop…and no matter what I start, I stop. And it is driving me CRAZY.

I’ve avoided “systems.” I mean…I didn’t need a system before, so why now? It’s been a constant argument with myself for at least the last year and probably longer. Lots of helpful people offer me pink drinks, wraps, and more.

But recently, a gal I met on Facebook through Eric Thomas’ Breathe University sent a poignant message about her super food product:

“What if this is the change you’ve been hoping for?”

What if, indeed.

What if I stopped trying to people please. What if left my full-time gig as a PR consultant? What if I decided to write a book like I’ve always dreamed? What if…

So I did it. I set up a call and ordered the 30-day Isagenix kit.

I spent money where I adamantly don’t feel I should. And am starting this 30-day journey to see if these products…supposedly working in harmony with the right combination of super foods to jump start my metabolism and help my body respond…end up being the catalyst for the change I’ve been hoping for.

Even though they say it’s so, I can’t believe this is a one-stop solution. But I’m hopeful the system’s “super foods” will reset me in ways that other things haven’t been able to.

I’ll blog about my experience on Isagenix, because I am constantly searching for honest accounts about things like this. Regardless of how I feel on it…you need to understand that just as I have some friends who love and swear by Whole 30 – it wasn’t for me.

I might love Isagenix. I might hate it. But either way, I’ll be 100 percent honest about it.

Much Love – H


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