Make no mistake…I don’t think of this stuff on my own.

Through my real-life, mostly haphazard stories, I’m sharing concepts from several inspirational sources. I do my best to give credit in my posts, but wanted to share my favorites in one spot for you to consider and explore. Not one of these is a paid blog affiliate…In fact, I’m paying more than one to be a part of their growth community. Haha!

God & The Good Book

Yes. I have always had religion, but in more recent years – I’ve developed spirituality. There’s a difference, and it has to do with your personal relationship with God. Just like developing a close friendship, the more time you spend with God, the stronger your relationship.

So make time each day to do nothing else except connect with the Holy Spirit. I do this by reading the bible in the You Version Bible App. They have lots of great reading plans, including the One Year Bible if reading the bible is a bucket list item for you – like it was for me.

A Course In Miracles

A Course In Miracles is a newer writing that is similar to a lot of what you also read in the bible and learn about in the “lost gospels,” those texts church leaders decided to NOT include in the bible. At its core is the call to return to love and reconnect with the spirit.

But, it might upset if you if you’re hardcore religious and believe God stopped talking to us right after Revelations was recorded. If that is you, you probably won’t enjoy my blog very much either. 😉

Brené Brown

A friend suggested I read Daring Greatly and ever since then, I can’t get enough of Brené Brown’s work! She is a big, powerful voice in helping me live an authentic life. Her concepts are featured A LOT on this blog, basically in every single post because her work on vulnerability has helped me to put myself out there.

If you’re interested in living an authentic life, you absolutely MUST make time to study Brene’s work. You can learn more about her, and peruse downloads and more at her website

Dr. Eric Thomas

My husband discovered him first! He’s known as the “Hip Hop Preacher” and he does it all. The areas I’ve been most affected by are his approach to spirituality, success in life and building lasting relationships with your spouse. Ya know…that’s all. Is there anything left? Haha. Learn more about him and all he has to offer at

Love & Logic

I sometimes feel like I was born without parental instincts!!! I’ve read I don’t even know how many parenting books, and the only set of advice that has really hit home for me is Love & Logic. They have tons of free articles on their website, as well as for-purchase items including books, downloadable mp3s, DVDs, and in-person trainings and conferences.

Ann Claw

Bottom line…literally none of the sources of inspiration listed above would have been discovered without Ann Claw. She’s the counselor I began seeing a few years ago and she’s changed my life. Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, she does virtual sessions anywhere in the country.

Every aspect of my life is better today thanks to her: My marriage, my career, my friendships, my family relationships, my parenting…everything.

If you feel as though you need personal guidance, you need to learn more about her services. I’ve seen a lot of counselors through the years, and no one before her was able to help me BREAK my cycle of negative self-talk and depression.

She set me free, and I am forever grateful. ♥