We delivered the 9th day of Christmas last night. Oh how I want to write that it’s been a magical experience. Just like children dream of sugar plums…I dreamed about sharing how my children are learning about the power of kindness.

This is not that post. That is not my life.

So – let’s get real.

On the 1st Day of Christmas…

My children SCREAMED. Had a complete meltdown.

First it was that they didn’t want to give the presents. Then it was a fight about putting on coats. Followed by crying from sister because brother got to go on the porch to deliver the first present, and then more crying from brother because the “Ding” didn’t “Dong” when he tried to “ding-dong ditch” the gift.

I think it maybe took 30 minutes to coax everyone through the 10-min walk back home, and they (including my husband) weren’t happy until after some hot cocoa and cookies. Sigh.

On the 2nd Day of Christmas…

I took matters into my own hands. BIG MISTAKE. HUGE.

The gift was delivered while the kids were at school. Here I thought I was being so smart – we’d throw the family off the trail of when the gifts would arrive, and the kids wouldn’t throw a fit in the freezing cold.


Instead they threw a fit in the car on the ride home from school because I had dared deliver the presents without them. My daughter wailed that now her brother would get to deliver more presents than her. SMH.

On the 3rd Day of Christmas…

My daughter and I went to deliver the presents alone. This was not the plan.

Our present was “three sparkling stockings,” so naturally – I assumed we could each hang one stocking. That was a big problem for my daughter who did not want to share gift delivery since her brother had done it alone. It was also  big problem for my son who did not want to share gift delivery, claiming that he was taller and so he could hang the stockings easier.

The fight…er, heated discussion…ended with my son running upstairs sobbing and refusing to entertain any compromises.

When I got back from delivering the present, he was still upstairs, hiding under their craft desk.

At this point…I let go of all of my preconceived ideas of this being a fun-for-the-WHOLE-family experience.

I began alternating who would deliver what – either my husband or I taking one child while the other stayed back. I solicited help wrapping, thinking of a delivery time, etc from whichever child wasn’t going.

And it’s gotten better.

Last night we delivered the 9th Day of Christmas while my son was at a birthday party. I actually used the party as a distraction to deliver the present early. My daughter was charged with occupying the parents with our Christmas card while I placed the “goods.”

We told my son, and instead of him being upset he wasn’t a part of it – he thought it was genius and was happy about it.

One day – I truly believe this will be a fun, family bonding experience. But for now, there’s no sense in letting my false expectations ruin the 12 Days of Christmas.

Much Love! – H

PS – If you have time – let me know if you’re doing the 12 Days of Christmas and how it’s going in the comments below! 🙂



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