A long time ago, I got some very good advice: Love is like a bank account. You must put in what you take out, or you’ll end up in the red.

It sounds so technical. And so un-romantic. But it’s true.

When we’re dating, we go out of our way to do special things for our special someone.

For example, I was dating my now husband during the Mark McGwire & Sammy Sosa homerun race. We are both sports fans, and were intensely following the drama. So unbeknownst to him, I began clipping newspaper articles about the back and forth drama, and created an incredible scrapbook for him. I wrapped it up and gave it to him unexpectedly one night…for no reason at all.

Fast forward to today…16 years into marriage and almost 19 years of dating…and I haven’t even created a scrapbook from when our children were born. But…that’s probably better left for another blog topic.

So – back to spoiling the love of my life (I mean – I love my kids too – that’s not why they don’t have baby scrapbooks…just to clear that up). I haven’t made him a scrapbook in a long, long, loooong time either.

But it’s not about scrapbooks. It’s about making any sort of deposit into your love bank account.

When was the last time you wrote a love note for no reason? Slow danced in the dark? Made time to stay up late, past when the kids finally fell asleep, just to talk? Or just had a good ol’ fashioned make-out session?

Chances are you’re probably planning something amazing for Valentine’s Day…or at least a card and some flowers.

So, here’s my challenge to you: SCRAP THAT IDEA.

Your love should never be saved up for one day, simply because you’re making constant withdrawals throughout the year. If you wait for Valentine’s Day, chances are good your love account will be running on insufficient funds.

So, instead of buying into the Valentine’s Day hype – use the insane cash retailers charge for a dozen roses to plan for regular deposits in your love bank account.

As a woman, I honestly would be blown away if my husband planned something like this. And as someone who’s done it, I can tell you my husband was blown away when I gifted him a calendar accompanied by a list of date nights. We stayed up to pencil in when we’d be making time for each other (my gift was made on NYE as a resolution).

Here are a few of my favorite resources:

  • The Dating Divas. These gals know what they’re doing. I love their printables!!! I’ve downloaded some for free and purchased a year of date nights, which provides ideas and accompanying printables for at-home dates (e.g., March Madness, 4th of July, etc.). You need to check out everything The Dating Divas offer!
  • “I Love Us” love notes: You can still support Hallmark on this holiday – if that’s your thing. But seriously, I LOVE THIS LITTLE BOOK. I picked it up randomly on a trip and truly enjoyed stashing the notes in my husband’s suitcase when he travels, in his car so he’d have a surprise on his way to work, etc.
  • Knock Knock: Who’s there? AWESOME fill-in-the-blank books (hahaha…I’m a little punchy this evening). These cute books provide prompts for helping you express your love. They of course have several options for your significant other and while you’re there, you can shop for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, your best friend, your children, etc.
  • Postable: I love getting real mail, but I rarely send any. With Postable, you can schedule greeting cards with custom notes to be sent to your loved one’s office or your own home, regularly. Think of the movie “P.S. I love you” and how amazing it would be to do something like that in real life, while you’re around to enjoy it!

And, did I mention that you could purchase printables, the love notes and the Knock knock book and schedule a card a month for almost year for less than $75…how much are those roses again???

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Much Love – H

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