IMG_8241Do you believe in magic?!? I do. Especially after actually acting on some of the pins in my “Sanity Please” pin board.

I finally…finally…created a command center for my home. And, it’s not only cute and pretty. It’s magical.

More was accomplished in my household during the first week than the previous six months. And it never would have happened if the command center hadn’t gone up.

Sure, the kids were excited. They love checking off their “Daily Duties” (named for the humor – they love that part in Wreck It Ralph!).

But more than that…where the real magic took place…was with me and my husband. You see, we decided that we would need to set a good example for the kids, and so the two of us draw chore sticks too: 10 per week (the kids each draw 5).


I washed windows. My husband cleaned bathrooms.

I organized the space above our washer and dryer. He did the dishes (see “The Standoff Ends” to understand how truly magical this act was to me!!).

I cleaned the kitty litter box. He tackled garage bin organization.

And the list goes on…10 items each!

You know what he would have done without chore sticks? Put out the trash and mowed the lawn. And…if I’m being really honest…without the chore sticks, I would have had my normal week of accomplishing only the bare minimum!

It’s easy to do. We work. We play with the kids. We’re tired.

The chore sticks got us BOTH doing more, and it was relatively easy and painless. There’s something intensely gratifying about finishing the chore and placing the stick in the back of the chore jar. So, my hat’s off to Whatever Dee-Dee Wants, who developed the adorable chore jar printables.

What I did create, I did using graphics from Creative Market. Have you heard of it? It’s an insanely awesome site where you can buy all kinds of graphic packages. And so I purchased Quirky Patterned by Joyful Heart Design (also the design for my Life’s Etc. blog background), and then created my menu board, the kids’ daily duties charts and a framed sign next to the chore jar with our family’s motto for helping each other.


The frames were gathered from various stores to create a colorful collage, and I found that gem of a “G,” chicken-wire frame, burlap envelopes, charms and mini clothes pins at Michael’s. That amazing “July – July” calendar is at Staples. I may sound stupid – but I never knew those existed and they’re so perfect for the school year!!

Sigh. Yes…I do make my coffee and stare at my command center. It’s a #PinWin for sure. Not only does it earn compliments from moms who have it way more together than me, but it brings sanity to my household.

I’m not saying it’s perfect…if you look closely at my command center pic you’ll see my 7-yr-old son checks off a lot more than my 5-yr-old daughter. But instead of me yelling like a crazy person when I just can’t stand the mess…my family picks chore sticks each week and together, our house is a little better. And that’s magic.

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